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Saturday, February 26, 2011

a little about me

there’re reasons why i love my self :
1. my single canine tooth which sometime still appear when i close my mouth.
2. i always laugh in every chance, even when the joke isn’t fun.
3. my faithfulness.
4. never be angry too long.

and the other side, some reasons why i hate my self :
1. my absurd hair.
2. hiding my bad feeling and cover it with fake smile.
3. my faithfulness, please don’t ask me why.
4. i’m so possesive and paranoid and i really hate them big.

and i don’t know why i write this useless note.


  1. haha. itu kalimat terakhirnya lucu.

    salam kenal juga ya. :D

    yuk temenan :P

  2. akhirnya hatam juga nih blog.. lanjut


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